Happiness became a Choice My life is all ruined I don't know if I should take the pills,If I take it I'll be happy if I don't I'll be forced to smile I don't want to end up like the others they denied and look at them now all dead carved with smiles I think I should expose the truth let everyone know why happiness was created but I have to be quick before it takes control of everyone I must stop it all happiness shouldn't exist,I know they're coming for me I can hear all my neighbors scream and after all I hear is silence I don't if they're alive that's it I'm taking just one pill,that might trick them I have to be quick I can see them outside if I live I'll destroy all happiness I'll make everything correct we can go back to living life without this shitty happiness untill next time if I survive

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


I got so damn bored I decided to play the game itself