was it a rough day for you . well it was for me too im not a negetive thinking type of guy but i always feel there is something wrong with my town people are going missing for no. reason and the worst part of it is that many of the missing children were of my school i also had this weird friend , anne she is casual friend of mine or should i say "she was",well things were just not "OKAY" when i was with or around her. I sometimes felt she is going through so much because i knew that she used to live with her step mom becouse her biological parents died from an unknown reason and she didnt knew how they died she told me everything thing when i was there it was nice at first to have her as a friend but one normal day things in her life went horrible she told me that her mother went missing i asked her how even the police did all she knew was that her mother told her that she is going to his uncle's house to meet him as he was suffering from cancer. I felt sad for her now she lived all alone in her house i wont say that i was her best friend bcause we didnt hang out that much because she didnt want too i had my own friendgroup so time took us 1month further ...police never found her mother but anne never felt depressed she acted the same she did during school me and her's so called friendship then began to fell apart but sometimes somethings are not ment to brake . I got a call from anne the other day she told me she was bored and she wanted me to come and watch a movie with her i was ready the other day but then i get a call from the police that they have found her mother's body decapitated kept inside her uncles house they found her and also that she never had a living unlce he died from cancer a long ago and they told me that they are asuming that that the murder was planned and that they suspect her and are coming to take her for questioning and that i dont go near her but it was too late i was already in her house we watched a star wars episode and i was about to leave i was shocked i didnt knew what to do because im not sure how to get outta there then she calls me and she tells me too stay there for some more time i refused and was about to open the door to leave then she started yelling that no one can take good care of her and then i stopped she runs into a room i got scared i thought about running hell no there was a reason i should've stayed but she screams and begs me not to leave.I was in fear now but then i told her to stop and ill stay with her to spend more time she then calls me in a room and ask me aren't you my best friend i didnt reply normaly but i said yes, yes in fear, she says she has trust in me and opens the door. I was speechless and now i regret my decision not to run away but what i saw was something that would haunt till date it was a room full of bloody weapons a saw with blood on it and what not. the room had blood stained floor as if it had been used by some kind of butcher for a long time but as soon as i moved my eyes from the scene what i saw was a freaking nightmare!! it was a bunch of stuff made from humans body part a bowl made from a human's skull and many more stuff human skin was used as carpet and there were human face cutouts and what not. I screamed what the hell is all this she smiled and replied "my hobby" and she said to me that she'd been doing this from a long time now turns out that she murdered her step mom because she thought that her mother was annoying and hell no i would even dare to ask something else and then she tells me again it was fun having you around but from now on im a part of her collection . Believe me i treid to escape but she had a knife and yes she tried to stab me and she even did on my left thigh but i was horribly scared and i was in a lot of pain but by god's grace, the police showed up the broke in and saved me from that monster. years have passed no im married and have two Chlidren. I heard that anne never confessed to the police about other children who went missing but she was found guilty in case of her mother so she was put to jail for years now. Ive been living my life and trying to forget these days but i dont feel right someone just messaged me on fb some one named" ANNE "she says " Hello there you must be happy isnt it but did you forget about my collection its long gone and i've been thinking to start a new one now ". " I WILL MEET U THERE . "....................

Story is told by hellsmessenger


not bad, but hard to read