They said i was different. i was weird. i was not, mom, i was not. but no one believed me, except you. that's why you are my darling, my mom. a part of me. i got my confidence from you and behaved just like a normal boy. wore clean clothes, spoke politely, did everything a normal boy did. but mom, they still looked at me like the very next second i would snap and jump. but mom, why would i do that? when i was playing with my dog, why did the neighbour's daughter scream? yes, i remember you said it was a big dog and scared everyone. i know. i loved him, then why did they take him away? he was so beautiful within its red and white fur... and how he never complained when we played with those knives... how it barked.. it had magic mom! when we played, i saw many new red patches on his skin. that dog knew me so well.. it knew i loved red... then why did they take him away?? mom, what's wrong? where are you. i have to tell you about my day.. those neighbours took my dog, didn't they? i played with their daughter. it was so fun. she just laid there, eyes closed and i painted her with my favourite color red. she gave me those colours. it was so lovely... but those bad neighbours found me and her. i didn't like it at all, how they screamed..oh.. iiit took so much time to quieten them. but mom, they gave me more paint. i brought some for you too. we can exchange like always. u give me your knives, i give you my paint. there you are in the basement, my beautiful mother! oh i forgot about the sunlight. don't worry! i have paint. yes yes take more. yes... now give me some knives!! yes thank you mom. yes my mom, i know i am not mad. i am just doing this for you. so that u will drink all this blood and give me knives. i love helping you mom.. yes.. Thank you mom...

Story is told by the mad writer

S L. K

iz hiz mOm a vampire ? ???? i don't understand the knives then, why duz she giv him knives if she can just fang-drain him, wOuldnt he be WAIST'N hiz bloOd that she needz ???


It's pretty cool, Tanu.


this is my latest story with this name. i don't exactly know why. it's just that i wanted to change and write with a new name