Our house was built when I was in grade three. Due to money shortage the second floor wasn't finished and we didn't plan on finishing it so it stayed unfinished. The second floor became my playground since I'm an only child I play by myself my cousins would come and visit but they're old to play with a kid like me. We sometimes put on a tent and would sleep there thinking that were on a camping. It was so fun. When December came we all went to my mother's hometown. We stayed there for two weeks and went back home. While on the road I was thinking of camping on the second floor. I asked my mom if I could sleep on the tent alone and she said YES. My mom fixed the tent and prepared a night lamp. She tucked me in and waited for me to fall asleep.I woke up with a Big Bang. I I jumped out of the tent but the door was locked inside. I stopped panicking and looked around. I saw nothing but darkness. So I went back to the tent and because I'm scared I forced myself to sleep and so I did. I woke up in my room my Mom was sitting beside me and she was crying. I rubbed my eyes and asked her why is she crying she hugged me so tight that I had to push her so I could breathe and asked her again. What's wrong? She stood up and told me to get out of bed first.After combing my hair and washing my face I went out of my room. I saw a few officers talking to my mom. They all looked at me when they heard me closing the door. My Mom gestured me to go near them. So I did. I sat down on the sofa. The female officer approached me and told me that they found a dead body beside my tent. I was speechless at first then I saw the other officers carrying the body It was bloody I almost puked my Mom covered my eyes and asked the cops what else do they need They asked me if I saw or heard anything. I told them I only heard a loud bang then went back to sleep. After a few hours of interrogating us they left. The case remained unsolved. I never went upstairs and my Mom asked dad to permanently lock the door on the second floor. I'm already 15 and I want scared anymore so I told my Dad it's best if I go explore on the second floor to fight my trauma.He told it's fine and that the chains he used to lock the door needs to be replaced since its already old and full of rusts. So he destroyed the old chains and forcefully opened the old door. The second floor was full of algae and as I step out I remembered every happy moments that I've had on there. I remembered the loud bang I heard that night I went to the spot where I heard the sound there's still a blood stain left and probably will never be washed off. I looked back to my Dad who's fixing the our old door. I asked what happened to the man the cops found. He just started at me and hurriedly pulled me inside the house. He locked the door and told me to go down and wait for him. So I did. I went to the kitchen to grab some food then Dad followed me and sat down with me to the dining table. He stared at me for a minute and began to talk. Our was not a guy that was shot that night. He said. I asked who was it then. He hesitated for a moment and tears began to fall. I began to worry since it was the first time I saw my Dad cry. He stopped started at me and said It was your Mom. I laughed and said its impossible She's always with us eversince the accident occurred. It's really impossible. He explained everything to me. He told me my Mom never left me alone that night. He told me Mom protected me from something. What something? He didn't know what it was but it sure wanted me that night. Thankfully Mom was there. He told me every memory I had of my mom was just a cause of depression The Doctors said I couldn't accept my moms death so my mind chose to not forget her. I passed out and woke up. My Mom was beside me. Starring down. I sat up and faced her. I said: You have to go now. I'm fine now. You can go up now. I won't forget you. Thankyou for being there. Tears kept on dropping then she wiped them off. She said goodbye and I'm sorry. I always feel her beside and she sometimes cook our favorite dessert Weird but we got used to it and we actually eat with her sometimes

Story is told by alexispurdy


Very sad story. Losing of someone is always sad