This will be a short story, but this happened to me. I like in a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house, its very small but very cute. Its also a little old, the owners of the house are in their 70's and they said they grew up here. Because of this, we take extra good care of the house because it has history (and in our living room is a heater, which is one of the first that was ever made☺). This happened yesterday when my parents left to pick up my grandpa from the airport, two older women and my two little siblings where in the house with me. This house also had two exits for the back yard, in my room and in the kitchen. I decided to go to the bathroom and mess around with makeup while blasting songs on my headphones. My two little siblings where with the older women in the kitchen. Once I was done I went to the kitchen to show off my makeup. One of them looks at me "Anna, was that you knocking in your bedroom door? Did you accidentally locked yourself outside again?" I answer "No, are you sure it wasn't one of the kids? I was in the bathroom the whole time...." She sighs, "Im probably just hearing things again" The other women looks at me "But I heard the knocking too, and it sounded angry, I knew that was not you because you have soft hands, so I didnt open the door." I run straight to my room to investigate, I saw my rabbit thumper on my bed, and he was on a allert position. I knew something was wrong.

Story is told by AnnaBerry


the second paragraph was suppose to say "live" not "like"????