The scariest story of them all. A true one. One that happens to every girl once in her life, your mom, your sister, your aunt, your friends. Everyone you know. At least once. You lay in your bed thinking in your head, "Am I good enough" "This life is tough" "I'm not pretty" "I wish I was witty" Any thoughts that come You might wish that you were numb But let me tell you something Every girl goes through the same thing Your at your school You try to follow the rule But why should we cover our skin, Just so the boys don't win? They say they'll get distracted Because they're so attracted But little do they know When they don't let us show, They make us feel bad But we can't make the teachers mad But girls, let me tell you something, Cover ups mean nothing You're at the pool You try to play it cool But you got your hand on your stomach If they say anything you'll get a heart ache You can't handle that so you sit back down Try to cover up Think that you're fat? But you're wrong about that. You're not pitiful, You're beautiful No matter what your size No matter how many guys, Look your way Cause it doesn't matter anyway Yeah that's cause every girl, Thick or thin, Has been through the same damn thing You're at a hangout Maybe that's the dugout Or maybe it's the rink Wherever is the kink No parents just fun I'm sure your town's got a place to run But you walk past boy You see him look at you like a toy But you don't take the bait You tell your friends "I'll just sit and wait" But you mean until you leave He's got more tricks up his sleeve You see him play with some other girls He takes her and twirls You don't feel mad just insulted You feel like you wanna just bolt it How could someone be so inconsiderate But he keeps going at the same rate If a young boy does it, whtlat about every other man? What about they old man down the street Or the creep who gives you a wink And then you think, "how am I like this? I think I'm ugly but the guys like this. Am I too attractive? Should I be ashamed of my places just because the boys like the bases?" But the answer is no Don't feel like you have to hide Just always have someone at your side And you'll be fine Just like very other girl who's been through the same whole thing You gotta know that you're beautiful Don't cover up your skin because of the rule Don't lie and say your full And know you look pretty cool Know that ever single girl has a struggle And you know life is tough but you gotta be tougher Tougher than the smuggle Each day you might get a bit rougher But that's ok Because it doesn't matter anyway Note: girls, I tried to wright a message here, the biggest fear, the most horrid thing on this planet -after pollution- is girls body issues, metal issues, all issues. But you just have to know that you are beautiful and you shouldn't have to cover up your amazing bodies, because of rules or because of creepy men staring, or boys looking and making you uncomfortable. Carry pepper spray!! Always have a friend near!! Be safe, we live in a bad world but, we're girls, we could go through hell and back and not have a single tear roll down our cheeks'. You deserve the world, in matter what you look like or think you look like. Never harm your bodies either. Never starve yourself, or cut yourself. "Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it Your life isn't a movie, don't end it Your body isn't a book, don't judge it." LOVE YOURSELF easier said than done though

Story is told by aYoungAuthor


this is beautifully said. it can be a very sad and scary exsistance... young girl please know your worth, value yourself and know your beautiful inside and out. Being beautiful inside is the absolute most important thing about any person. inside beauty shines thru?


Love it. sounds like my existence. sad and scary.