CupcakeLady22: If you don't like it im sorry..... It was just a joke. Me: Oh, ok. Look, im gonna take a nap. CupcakeLady22: Okiee I have this uneasy feeling, like if someone was watching me. And where the heck did CapcakeLady22 get that prank video from. I leave my dads office and go to my room and sleep. I wake up, and check my watch for the time. Great its 7:36 It was only suppose to be a power nap. I look at the edge of my bed and I see a chair there, and on the chair was my dads laptop. IT. WAS. RECORDING. I jump and close it, I think my heary skipped 2 beats when I was that. I wanted to start screaming but I couldn't. I pick up the laptop and put it in my dads office. I went downstairs to the kitchen to make some instant noodles, because I was hungry. After eating I decided to make a bad decision by investigating what happened earlier. I open the laptop and see that CupcakeLady22 sent me a video. I opened it, and what I saw was unexpected. It was a video of me sleeping but I was not alone, in my room was man brushing my hair while I was sleeping. I got this eerie feeling. Me: Hoe did you do this?! CupcakeLady22: Shhh dont question it. Do ya like it?? Me: NO, whats wrong with you?! And who is that man?! CupcakeLady22: Nothing is wrong with me! If anyone has a problem here its you! And that guy is me, I though you where really pretty, and I really wanted to see you. Me: I AM BLOCKING YOU. Stay away from me or I'm calling the police. CupcakeLady22: HA! CALL THE POLICE? YOU ARE MUTE, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO HEAR ANYTHING FROM THE OTHER LINE!!!????? I tried to block him but my computer won't let me. Then I get another video from him. My hands where shaking as I opened it. This time, it was a video if my parents getting murdered. They brutally beat both of them, then they drowned them in thier own blood. I tried so hard to scream, but no sound came out of my mouth. I was looking at the screan while crying. Then all of a sudden big hands grabbed me from behind and everything went black. I wake up in this cold room with bloody floors, I see my parents dead bodies acroos from me. Two men came in, one was holding a camera, and the other was holding a bat and a chainsaw. I started crying, I wanted to tell them to let me go, but I couldn't. The guy holding a camera puts the camera close to my face "This cutie is going to make us a lot of money for sure." One of the guys pick up the bat and begin beating me with it. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. It was so painful, the most painful 2 hours of my life. After a while they began undressing me. Then he shoves the bat inside me, it was very painful. But they both just laugh like its a joke. After all that suffering, they told me to get up, I couldn't. So one of them picked me up. They placed me on a chair and tied a rope around my head. I begin shaking my head, I dont want to die, im too young to die. They push me out of the chair and I begin chocking, again they just looked at me and laughed. And right before I was about to pass out, the guy started the chainsaw and sliced through my body, he started from my neck all the way to my pelvic area.

Story is told by AnnaBerry

Jeff the killer

good storie :-)


go a bit high and there you can scare me :-)


This is creepy! Mute girl, first time I read a story like that. Great job!?