The room was silent, minus the ticking of an old wooden clock and running water in the kitchen. I was doing dishes as I normally do when a sudden urge to look up out the window overwhelmed me. Nothing but the dark night and the creatures that lurk around these hours. As if on cue, the wooden clock chimed, midnight, startling my dark thoughts. I could not shake the feeling that someone was watching me. I shook my head and closed the curtains. Nonsense, I thought to myself as I cleaned a silver knife and placed it on the rack. I turn off the light before heading upstairs when I hear a creak in the dark room. I freeze. I can feel eyes burning into my back as I stay absolutely still. Do I run? Would I make it out if I tried? Creak. Another creak, I can feel the heavy weight of dread as I am frozen in fear. It's just my imagination. I reach my hand back over the lightswitch. Nothing! The light is suddenly out. My heart is pounding so loudly I can hear it in my head. bu bump bu bump. No time! I run back into the kitchen, the creaking gets louder and follows. I close the door and rummage through the cabinet desperately trying to find a flashlight. I feel a cool touch to my hands, the flashlight! I stumble to turn it on as the door creaks open. click. I shine the light towards the door. Nothing was there other then the swinging door. The lights flicker back on. I sigh a breath of relief and head to the telephone to call my neighbor Susan. "Hello? Susan, I am so sorry to be a bother but could you ask Officer Harold if he can come over? I think someone has been in my house." I paced back and forth in my small kitchen and couldn't keep still. I go over to the sink to wash my hands when I see the silver knife I washed earlier in the if I never touched it. I look out the window, no sign of officer Harold. What is going on? The clock strikes midnight startling me. This can't be right it should be pass midnight. Chills shot through my body. I must be startled from the break in thats all. As I tried to reason with myself, the lights flicker off. No. Not again. Whats happening? I shine the light around the kitchen. No way out except through that kitchen door. I slowly walk towards the door and open it. I can see the front door and a shadow on the outside of it. Someone is waiting. It wouldnt be officer Harold. I slowly walk backwards as I hear the strange figure try to unlock my door. I run to my guest room and hide under the bed. Clutching my flashlight as I try my best to be unnoticeable. The door creaks open and heavy footsteps walk around the guest room. I slowly back a little farther under the bed until i reach the wall. The steps slowly walk out and go up the stairs. I sigh a breath of relief when I feel something warm and wet on my back. I run my hands on it and quickly shine the light on it. It was a dark red color. what on earth? I turn over with the light and try to cover my gasp of horror. It was me, but it couldn't be. How? How!? I desperately try to get away from what appeared to be my own dead corpse. This isn't possible. I run, headed straigh for the front door when someone grasps me from behind and bashes my head in with a ticking object. The clock. Everything grows dark as I can only hear the ticking. Tic Toc... I hear running water. I can feel the warm water running through my hands and smell a sweet fragrance. I open my eyes to see the knife in the sink just as I left it as the Clock strikes midnight. I can't help but feel as though...I am being watched.

Story is told by Mayuu♡

S L. K

?i "JUST" read a stOry so very similar to this, like 2/3 stOries ago, same thing happenz, just diez in a different way... ?i remark'd that i liked it, so im gOnna say the same thing 2U, cuz i don't knOw "WHO" wrOte theirs 1st ???‍♀️??‍♀️...


great story I liked it