A few months after I moved into my apartment, and I had grown paranoid. Sure, my parents played it off as a girl who wasn't used to living by herself, but deep down I think they knew better. Maybe I would watch too many horror movies, I wasn't sure. I noticed some of my things would come up missing or they would be out of place. While I would be laying in my bed, I would hear footsteps. That one night was the final straw. It was around three in the morning and I woke up all of sudden. I looked at the wall and I felt my heart drop down into my stomach. There was a man going through my stuff, while giggling to himself. The giggle itself was disturbing and coming from an adult made it so much worse. He suddenly stopped, and slowly turned his head to look at me. His neck was so much longer than a normal humans. I quickly shut my eyes before he noticed. The footsteps traveled over to my bed and they stopped. He started to giggle again and I heard a cracking sound. To try to seem like I was still asleep, I turned over onto my side, facing away from him. I cracked my eyes open and I watched his shadow, slowly going pale. His neck had grown longer and his was moving it. It was almost like a dance, only with his neck. I watched his head go towards my ear and I heard him say, "I know you're awake." His voice was disturbing and it didn't sound human. I turned over onto my side and slammed my fist into his face, causing him to go stumbling back. I ran out of my room, grabbing my phone off of the coffee table while I was running. Once I had made it outside, I called the cops. I'm never going to live alone again.

Story is told by mama llama


weird ? I love it


Awesome. Goosebumps.