THIS IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY! IT HAPPENED A LITTLE OVER TWO YEARS AGO. I have loved horror movies for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I hated Barbie dolls so instead for Christmas one year I got a Chucky doll- that should tell you something. Anyways, it was fourth grade and I was the horror buff of my friend group. One day I was at school hanging out with my friends and I mentioned a really weird dream I had, and some of my other friends said they had had one similar to that one all of us having them in within the past week. That was creepy. As fourth graders we were always imagining things but this, this was different. One of my friends was taking this a little weirdly, she pulled me over to the side and said, "I know that you see it too sometimes," and I knew exactly what she meant. Its kinda hard to explain but to say it in short, I would close my eyes and see something, sometimes it would be some random item, but other times it would be more, it would be a disaster, or a whole story. Any chance we got, me and her and everyone else who said they had the dream, would all get together and talk about it, but once me and her linked arms, no one gave us the idea or anything, it was kind of just, I don't know, forced, in a way, like it just happened. But when we did, it was like the visions or whatever they were were just stronger, and we almost always saw the same thing and if we didn't whatever we saw connected in some way. Near the end of the school year, our teacher let us have snacks, watch a movie, and have our phones out. Two of my best friends had my phone and I sat across from them and was watching the movie and eating. My mouth closed and my eyes on the screen. But they took a picture of me, and I saw their expressions scream in terror. But they made no noise. I looked over concerned and asked them what was wrong. They showed me the picture that made no sense to me at all. In the picture my mouth was hanging wide open, even though really I had my mouth closed because I was chewing my food. And worse, my eyes were all white, no color. I tried to ignore it for the rest of the day but it was hard to control myself, literally. I felt like I didn't belong at school, like I didn't own my body. Like I was a host for another soul, I could feel a difference, though I had forgotten what the old me felt like, I new something had changed. When I got home from school I bolted to the bathroom. I knelt down on my knees and vomited in the toilet, but since I have a phobia of puke, I didn't look, I just flushed. And I felt like new again. I didn't tell my mom because I didn't want her to know I was playing with demons or contacting anything I shouldn't be because its against my religion. From then on I just figured I had been possessed. And everything was back to normal, it had been like nothing had ever happened, and we never even mentioned the whole thing ever again. And that's my story.

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