WARNING: DO NOT READ ALONE!!!! ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT!!! A little girl's mother had to go out in a business trip, but the daughter didn't want to go. Her mom was a bit skeptical about letting her stay home alone because she was only nine years old, but she begged her mom to let it her stay. Finally she said she could and her mom left her. That night, she majorly regretted her decision, she was very scared, but ever time she got frightened she would put her hand under her bed where her dog hid and let him lick it. It made her feel like she wasn't really alone. There was a tap on the window, she put her hand under the bed, the dog licked it, she saw it was only a branch. There was a noise, she put her hand under the bed, the dog licked it, she realized it was only the air vent. It went on like that until she finally fell asleep. That morning she got up and went into the bathroom to wash her face, shower, and get ready for the day to begin. But when she looked behind her in the mirror, she saw something so wickedly evil that she screamed. Her dog's lifeless body lie there in the tub, but what was even worse was the writing right above it. Written on the shower walls in the dog's cherry red blood, read, "HUMANS CAN LICK TOO" Good luck sleeping tonight. =)

Story is told by aYoungAuthor

the shining

we can also be cannibals heg

panic room

cool story


cool. i would freak.

Black Cat

ive heard this before