"Grace Salian, Tape one" A raspy voice states. "Can you please Explain your Motivations for killing your Family?" The same voice Asks. He was met with Silence. "Miss Grace I would advise you cooperate with me if you want to get free" he starts, "Can you please Explain your Motivations for killing your Family?" He repeats.      He was met with silence once again. Before he could say anything, a quiet, Female voice rang threw his ears. "They...They hurt me beyond belief..." she says quietly. "They...Starved me...beat me...they didn't care for me..!" She slowly gets angered. "Miss Grace Please calm down-" "Don't tell me to calm down!" She yells, slowly getting aggressive.      She pulls at her restraints. "You have no clue what I have been through! Me ending them most likely was the best decision there was!" She laughs mechanically. "I did everyone a favor by killing those horrible people!" She shouts. The man signaled for backup and two guards rushed into the room.      One of them take hold of her, keeping her still. The other grabs a small, shiny syringe out of his pocket and injected it into Grace. Her movements come to a slow stop and she slumps down. "Take her back to her cell, she has obviously learned nothing..." "There is a problem with that sir..." One of them speak out. "Her room has been taken by a new patient and there are no more available rooms." The man looked at the guard. "Then ship her to the next best place. Marielle Asylum." He says. The guard nods and picks Grace up, walking out of the room. "Wait." He says. The guard stops in his tracks and turns around. "Make aire they keep a good eye on her. She can be a trouble maker...but for now, put her with eyeless..." they both nod and scurry to room 285E, opening the door, and tossing her inside. she hits the ground with a loud thud echoing through the room. the door closes with a quiet Creeeeeeeek. she automatically gets up and looks in the direction of the eyeless patient, smirking. "their bying it..."

Story is told by Grace Salian