****TRIGGER ALERT**** I always watch you. However, you fail to notice it. I'm always in that corner in your room. I'm always behind you when you study. I lay down beside you and caress you in my bloodied and mutilated arms when you sleep. But you...you...think of me as a monster. You call me names that I do not like. You yell at me all the time. You throw things at me. You sprinkle holy water and salt at me all the time. I'm not evil. All I do is look out for you. You don't want that. Well, I'll give you what you want. I no longer in that corner in your room. I stand beside you study. I choke you in your sleep. I'm always in your dreams and I make your dreams beautiful and happy. All I give you now is nightmares. Horrible, horrible nightmares. I show you births. I show you deaths. I show you the past. I show you the future. Oh? You think that's good? Ah, sadly, you are mistaken. I show all the horrible births. All the brutal deaths. The terrify past and the horrifying future. You actually think those medications can save you? Fool, those are the fuel to the flame. Those medications only make me stronger. And angrier. You've stopped calling me names. You've stopped yelling at me. You've stopped throwing things at me. You've stopped sprinkling holy water and salt at me. Why? Were a few nightmares too much for you? Is the future too scary? Do I make you scared? Good. You should fear me. Perhaps trying to get rid of me wasn't the best idea. No, what are you doing? Stop! Put the rope away! No! Put that blade away! Don't you dare do anything! You- you!! I yell these words in your head. Ending your life isn't going to fix a damn thing, little human. It'll only increase the suffering. Just apologise to me and perhaps you'll be forgiven. I've asked you to apologise to me about a hundred times in your nightmares. You still refuse to do it. Too much pride? Will that pride go away once you find the mutilated and headless bodies of your parents in the morning? Will you apologise then? Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Story is told by Been Dead

Castiel (Cas)

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