A long ago there lived a complete family of Mr.Peter who lived much joyfully there but due to an accident Mrs.Peter died the shock of her dead made her daughter much sensitive and brave as well.Her father did much to recover her life and support her they were soon happy with each other.One fine day Mr.Peter had to go for trade out of town he personally did not want to go there but for making them financially enough for their requirements .He left his daughter home giving her all advices.The days went perfectly fine until the day her father had to come back,on night she was sleeping peacefully when she woke due because of ringing door bell.She left her room went downstairs and straight to the door thinking her father had returned but at the door a thought came to her and she asked father don't you have keys .There is no answer but the door bell rang constantly. She sat there at front of door whole night listening the door bell,at morning she peeled from the hole and saw her father the bell ringing has been stopped but her father had a strange look she opened the door and saw her father 's severed head clung to the hanger and a note which read" You brave girl didn't you open the door now it's your surprise".

Story is told by scary one

S L. K

R U a foreigner... u speak & write make much not sense !!! ??ha ha ****'n ha....


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ghost cat

some of the sentences I couldn't understand well but it was still pretty spooky at the end


Just read this on horror stories the app.

Been Dead

Read a pretty similar story somewhere a couple years ago.


Plot twist is interesting, but overall hard to read