Imagine, if you will, teenage girl, living in a small town, who's hungry for blood. Not to eat, just to have death surround her like the cold on a winter day. Everyday she would think of different ways, ways to kill, ways to hide, ways. And one day, she plotted the perfect murder. It would be on prom night, she would get a date, have him pick her up, she would poison him. Hide the body. But not before cutting the veins in their wrists. It would work. A couple days before prom, a boy named Sean asked if she would be his date, and with her heart pounding, a rush a excitement, how could she refuse? The time had come, she was sitting on the steps in front of her house, just a white two story house, your average suburban dream. She expected him to be there by 7:30, like they agreed, but he want there, so she just sat, and waited, and just waited. When 9:00 finally came around, he came flying around the corner in a beat up old Pontiac. But what did she expect from a boy named Sean who had hippie hair and smelled like trouble, just the kind of scent that you could tell came from a bad place. A bad kid. A bad family. But she was hungry, so she hopped in anyways. When she thought about it, her pupils dilated and she smiled, the thought of the aftermath even, you might wonder, "Who could sleep at night knowing they took a life?" Well she could, she could do more. "How about he stop at the diner here and get some drinks?" But it wasn't her who said that, it was him. That's what she was going to ask so that she could poison his drink, but he asked, so that was even better. "Nothing could be more perfect," she said with no expression. As they pulled up to the diner, the red light shone through the windshield, to him as a warning, but to her it was a reminder. They walked in and as they went to the counter. "Why don't we blow off prom and just go to the after parties?" This was working PERFECTLY, because he said it in front of the worker, he might be used as a witness and might be asked questions as a suspect even, and he would say they were there until they went to the after parties. She shrugged and nodded her head. "You go sit down in a booth and I'll get us some drinks, yeah?" He said yeah and sat down, and she ordered their drinks. When she sat down in the booth across from Sean, she had a disgusted look on her face. "What's wrong," he asked, "did somethin' happen or somethin'?" "That guy at the counter was hitting on me! And he can early see I have a date! He probably thinks he's better than you, maybe that's why he called you trailer park trash." "Who, that guy?!" Sean said standing up and pointing. All she did was nod, and with that he walked started to walk over to him. Turns out she was a pretty good actress. She turned around in her seat to see what he was doing, and when she looked, she heard skin make contact, and saw the worker hit the floor. Knocked out. Maybe. "We should leave," he said picking up his drink off the table. "First go to the bathroom and wash your face, it looks like he hit you one good time. There's blood," and she want fibbing when she said that. He touched his face where it hurt, and steadied his heavy breathing, then went into the bathroom. She grabbed their drinks and went to his car, taking the cyanide out of her purse. She poured little bit into his drink, enough to kill him, but not enough to do it before the party. He was taking a while in the bathroom and she got bored, so she started snooping around his car. In the cubbyhole under the radio, she found a bottle full of cyanide, but it wasn't her's. The diner worker walked out of the restaurant, holding a note. She got out of the car curious to see what it said. She walked up to him and took the piece of paper from his hands and unfolded it. It read: "You're not the only one who can plot murder." Shocked, she tried to go through the recent events. Pickup, drive, diner, drinks, fight, car, now. He poisoned the her drink, when he made it, but why was the cyanide in Sean's car? And how was the worker already awake? Sean then walked out and stood beside the worker, not a scar on either one of their faces'. They worked together to do this, but still the question was unanswered, how was the poison in his car if he used it? But it was too late, she blacked out. "Kelly! Kelly" The voice grew louder and louder as it faded in. She opened her eyes. She was in the passenger seat of his car, holding a knife. First reaction: stab. I guess it wasn't the most ideal date, but at least she got to kill before she died, and then she did.

Story is told by aYoungAuthor


Hey they should really make a movie out of this. I would invest my time into watching that. ♥


This is good and sad in same time