Back in the 1800s there was a Cult... The name? Who knows. Anyway here is the story of their most horrific ritual. In a small Canadian village lived a homeless boy named Thomas. He was beaten by his parents but fled, he never attended school, and was illiterate. The Cult usually targeted weak-minded, depressed, or crazy people to sacrifice. This made Thomas a perfect target. The Cult Leader ( Eliza ) went up to have a chat with Tom. " Hey, are you okay? You look like you haven't ate in weeks". Tom looked up to see Eliza. He didn't have any words. She was beautiful. " Um uh yeah I'm hungry I don't need any food though". Eliza told Thomas that she had a nice cabin out near a lake. Tom agreed to come with her, he was thinking he could have a little date with her. Once they got to the huge cabin, Eliza showed him her friends ( also known as the Cult members ). Tom was shy at first but he opened up and they all became good friends. After a couple days of being spoiled, Tom felt as if he found a new family. He went to sleep with a smile. When he woke up his best friend ( Andrew ) hit him with a pan knocking him out. He woke up tied to the ground unable to move. He screamed. " Dumbass, no one can hear you! Only us and the animals will hear you final words" Andrew said. Tom was terrified, "Where's Eliza?". He heard a demonic laugh, Eliza came out in a red robe. Tom notice that everyone else were wearing black robes. Another Cult member Ava came up with a huge torch, she lit Tom's hair on fire, that didn't do much but they were just getting started. Two members untied him and placed him over a huge fire. Eliza took a knife and slowly carved a star on his stomach. He screamed in agony. That wasn't the end. Ava took a sharper knife and sliced off his toes and fingers. He was losing blood, they bandage him up. He was screaming and crying. Finally they cut him all over, they carved stars all over him, and burned him over a fire, after hours of pain and suffering. Thomas died. The Cult ate him laughing. " He was such an easy target! Eliza said. The police found out about The Cult, and went to their base and found nothing except a note that said... " Thought you could catch us? Well WE guess you have to go to His kingdom now" It is said that The Cult still wonders around, Eliza's and the other cult members children have repopulated the area still killing people in horrific ways.. Ava came out years later, she said that The Cult would target weak-minded people, spoiled them, killed them, and ate them. She also stated that Eliza and the others went to Hell, one way to communicate with them was too kill and eat someone just like them. Ava showed the cops were they buried Thomas's bones. While the cops were investigating, a strange figure with no face came up to them. The cops pointed their guns but It didn't move, in a low demonic voice he said " We are you, the part of yourself that you hide away, everyone was a murderer side to them, but only few showed true human nature". He then vanished. It is said that after Thomas's murder EVERYONE had a killer side, not everyone shows it but they hide. WILL YOU SHOW YOUR DARK SIDE

Story is told by Kiwi

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The last dialogue appears to have taken from 'The Russian Sleep Experiment. '

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