(Please read part 1 so you can have context for this story) I was getting ready to sleep my twin sister and my older brother and I shared one room. I slept in the top bunk and my twin was on the bottom. I open my eyes and I can move "great sleep paralysis" I say to myself. I look in the corner of my eye and see my twin sister hanging while screaminh she had no eyes, just two black holes in her face. When it was all over I get out of bed to sleep next to my mom in the other room. I know what your thinking "Oh, a 12 year old girl wanting to sleep next to her mom cause shes scared, what a wuss." You have to understand, what I saw was my twin sister in distress, and I was horrible. I qiuckly fall back to sleep. But in a matter of just an hour I wake up again. This time I can still move but it was VERY hard, the easiest part of my body that I could move is my neck. So I slowly turn to my mom and say "Mom, help." My moms head quickly turn to me, but when I saw her face it wasnt my mom, it was the black man. He looked at me with his red eyes wide open he and he started hysterically laughing. I stared crying. With all my strength, I carried my self out of bed, with the black man still laughing. I went back to my room and I tapped my sister. "Darli, something is wrong with this place." She looks at me "What do you mean?" I explained to her everything, even the first time when I saw him standing, staring at us. She looked at me, with a worried look on her face "I saw him too." We both decided to sleep together whild hugging because we felt safer, we never saw him again after that.

Story is told by AnnaBerry

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