What shall i say for an intro.? oh yeah.. I am back! 1) I slowly crept down the stairs with my knife. I could see the light from the kitchen. i made my way there and found my mother face down on the sink, blood coming out of the deep cut of her neck. i smiled. my father was next to her with his hands on his stomach, covering the deep wound there. the one i made. my smile widened. dad had cancer and was going to die soon. mum was so sad... she wanted to die with him. i laughed. i made her wish true. i am such an obedient and good daughter... 2) i had told her i loved her. she had rolled her eyes. now, see? she's rolling her eyes now too. u know why? cause my hands are around her neck. i feel so good now. she had said i always made her eyes roll. i have proved it to her now. my sweetheart. i always did as she said... 3) i had thrown my daughter's pencils and pens because she always drew her dead mother's face, who she had never seen before. i didn't know what a mistake it was. she had drawn it on the wall... with her blood... i know this isn't my best. but i m writing after a long time.. when i get used, i will do my best

Story is told by Tanushri


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