Context: This is not my own story, but a friend of mine. Her name is Maryann and she has a twin named Darli. Maryann is in her junior year of high school now and this happened to her in 7th grade. My family had just moved into our new apartments, for my mom this was a big accomplishment (she is a hardworking single mom). We finished bringing in our stuff pretty late at night already. Every one was so tired, we decided not to put of our curtains (keep this in mind, for it will be important for later). We all decided to sleep in the living room so my older brother pulled out 2 mattresses for us to sleep in. Everyone was asleep when I woke up because I was very thirsty, but when I opened my eyes there was a tall pure black figure standing there leaning his head. The only thing I can see are his red eyes. I knew this was not sleep paralysis because I could still move. He just stood there, I could see him clearly because it was a little bright in the living room (since there where no curtains all the street lights made its way to the house). The light just went through him, he had no shadow. He was just this black figure with red eyes watching us sleep. I dont know how I did it, but I manage to tell my self that im just seeing things and I went back to sleep. About an our later I woke up again. AND HE WAS STILL THERE. He did not move an inch. I dont know why I didnt wake anyone up, because that seems like a smart thing to do. I went back to sleep this time I was crying because of fear. The next morning I woke up first at about 7 in the morning and he was gone. Little did I know I was going to see him again soon.

Story is told by AnnaBerry

Davon Rodriguez

interesting when i was younger i saw a shaw like figure in my room i was like 8 or 9 and he had red eyes and he just stood there watching me

Black Cat

js the title makes it seem like its gonna be racist xD


@Urbanz wait till you hear part 2:)))


Maybe it's just some furniture or like that? Plus some portion of imagination