"Are you sure you will be fine while we are gone?" My mother says with a worried look on her face. I nod my head and help both her and my father pack their things for their Cruise. My name is is Amanda and I am mute. I always wanted to be a singer in a band, but I guess that will never happen. My only way of comunication is through sign language. My parents now leave the house, they wont be back for a whole week. This means I can have the whole house to myself. I go to my dads office and get on his computer (which I am not allowed to use). I wanted to get on this online chatting site to make some new friend's and talk to people. Right after I made my account I quickly get a notification saying that CupcakeLady22 wanted to be my friend. I accepted, and before you knew it she sent me a message. Our convo went like this: CupcakeLady22: Hi hi Me: Hello! CupcakeLady22: I saw your profile pic and you look soo pretty?? Me: Thank you saw much. CupcakeLady22: Hey, ya wanna video chat? Me:Ummm, no thank you. I cant talk and Im also pretty hungry. I found it a little weird how she wanted to move so fast, but maybe thats just how people are on the internet. Soon CupcakeLady22 sent me a photo. I opened it and what I saw made me sick. It was a video of a women getting raped, her head was getting banged against the wall, she was screaming and crying begging him to please stop. And at the end he slices her throat. Me: Are you kidding me............. Me: What is this? CupcakeLady22: Dont you like it? Stay tuned for part 2 yall!

Story is told by AnnaBerry


Oh My Gods... That is sick...

Bloodshed Flower

Y is mah message sent 3 times?

Katie bunny

cupcakelady22 is sick in the head