when i went camping with my friend's i say something i could not unsee.we had the idea that camping would be fun so we drove on Saturday morning. but when i say the woods i knew it was a little creeper than normal but i thought it was just me.so we set camp we started a campfire and we went out to go fishing i was sitting with no fish.And all my friends had caught one fish at least and i say something i thought it was a fish but i looked closer it was someone's arm and i freaked out and call my friend's but the time they got to me it was gone and they just told me i was crazy.but when we got back to camp we all fell asleep.the next morning we heard a scream but it sounded like a man screaming so we went to go check it out.And we found a cabin so we check it out and what we see was extremely traumatizing we found someone who had got stab to death but all of his limbs where gone and i realize that why i saw an arm in the river the murder had dumped his limbs in river.but i wonder what he was going to do with his body so we called 911 when they got there his body was gone.and they just founded the cabin stained with blood so we just finished our last day and when we woke up we started packaging up and when we started i saw the body we saw hanging from a rope on a tree.and when we where driving home i saw a creature walking out of the woods and it just starred at me and from this day i still think if that's what cause that mans death

Story is told by eloy telles

Gacha Spooky

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eloy telles

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