As Lisa climbed up Mount Fuji, a strange woman appeared. Lisa: Who are you and why are you in such cold clothes?! ???: Yuki-onna. Lisa: What do you want? Yuki: Could you please hold my baby boy? Lisa: Fine. As Lisa held the baby, the baby got heavier, to the point where she dropped it. Yuki: Why did you drop him?!? Lisa: I didn't mean to. Please forgive me, please! Yuki: Okay! For your kindness, you have been forgiven. Yuki: Just be careful next time! Lisa walked away. Lisa: That was weird. Why was she in a light kimono in frigid weather?! Lisa: She'll freeze! Lisa (mind): I don't know, but I'll just continue up this mountain. Then I'll have to climb down.

Story is told by Gacha Spooky


I love it:-)