Once a upon a time in a "kingdom" there was a cute little princess her name was Melanie she was so cute and nice but when everything went dark another side of her came out to play this side was named Linda, linda loved seeing helpless victims struggling to stay alive there yummy blood everywhere she loved feasting on the blood of her victims but she isn't a vampire just a psychotic personality. You see there was no kingdom just a mental hospital that Melanie was in but Melanie wasn't in there because of her she was in there because of Linda. Linda would kill innocent people. maybe even someone she knew but that all ruined Melanie's life all she knew was that people thought she was a monster Melanie is isolated from the rest of society and is known as the two faced killer

Story is told by unofficially_satans_helper

S L. K

u don't suk at writing, i lik'd it itz mOre original than '"ALOT"' of these tOilet floaterz??lol


im still thinking cuz its good but short


i absolutely suck at writing

Katie bunny

great plot twist