1. Hachishakusama Have you ever heard of Hachishakusama? Well, here is the story. If you are playing outside, and you hear 'po...po...' or see a 8 feet tall woman (she can be old or young) that has appears like a traditional Japanese girl or woman, go indoors. Tell a trusted person about it, they'll call someone. They will know what to do. They make you go to a empty room, hold a piece of paper, and in some cases, salt or rice. You cannot open the door until 7:30. If you hear a voice and open the door, you are trapped in her mind illusion game. If you see her in the car, close your eyes tightly and do not open them, even to look at her. 2. Kuchisake-Onna Kuchisake Onna is a traditional japanese ghost. Except, she wears a mask. A cute mask? No. Just a surgeon mask. She appears at night. She targets children, which is why you need to walk with others. If she asks you 'Am I pretty?'say things like 'So-so', 'yes no yes no', or 'your average' to get away from her. These are all the legends I can think of right now. Maybe a part 2 if we get 10 scared people.

Story is told by Gacha Spooky

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