When I was younger, my parents went to a comedy show with my aunt and uncle. It was outdoor, and there was a park nearby, so I, along with two of my cousins, went to the park and began playing. It was late at night, so the park was fairly dark, with the only light source coming from a few dim lights. Since we were kids, we didn't have much concern over this and we began to play. We had a great time. We were pretty much the only kids at the park, so we could play on every structure without being crowded. After a while, we all got thirsty because it was a hot summer night. As the heat finally caught up to us, we walked over to a water fountain and went to get a drink. All was normal until we were met by a man. I don't remember him that well because I was young, but he seemed to be in his late forties. "Would you girls like some help?" he asked in a way that gave me chills. "I'll press the button on the fountain while you girls take a drink," he continued. Something about this guy gave me weird feelings. Who offers help to work a water fountain? I mean, we were all old enough to be able to use the fountain on our own. We were all alone with this man too, making it even stranger. I bent over to take a drink as he was helping my cousins. I didn't take my eyes off of him though. I remember seeing him leaning over us and staring at us. "Hey girls, it's time to go," my mom said as she rushed over with my aunt at her side. They protectively pulled us under their arms and walked away from the fountain and the man, who was now awkwardly walking away. Though nothing ever happened, I can't help but wonder what would have occurred if things had played out differently. We were three young girls who were pretty much alone. We were safe when by the park because we were within close view of our parents, but we had stepped away to the water fountain, which couldn't be seen by them. What if our parents hadn't been watching us carefully? What if they had gotten to us even just a little bit later? I don't want to imagine where I would be today, or what would have happened. Right now, all I can hope is that I never see that man again, and I am very thankful that my mom and aunt had been watching over us.

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Gacha Spooky yes it was

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was this a true story?