The forecast today was a high of 78 degrees and scattered thunderstorms. Tiffany and her family were on a picnic, not knowing a thunderstorm was coming towards them. Tiffany set up her lunch (an apple, a peanut butter sandwich, some cookies, a lollipop, and a drink). As they ate on the grass, the thunderstorm cane in. Quickly. Speeds of up to 70 mph! They saw the incoming dark clouds and heard some thunder. They didn't care. Rain started pouring.They still did not care. Some tornado sirens went off. Did not care! And who'd have thunk that they did not care about the thunderstorm. Actually, it was Hurricane Macy's remnats. Simply a small group of storms that were strong enough to form a tornado, which some did. The strongest was a F4 with winds of 177 mph, which was at their town. Suddenly, a ghost came out of a lightning bolt! 'Whoaa!' Tiffany's sister, Ella, said! 'Get back in!' their mother, Janet, said. Then they saw the giant tornado, which had just touched the ground.

Story is told by Gacha Spooky

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