When I was 17 my parents died in a car accident so I was inherited 10k for the accident so I decided to sell their house to 50k and of got sold the next week then I moved into an apartment small but modern I then started looking for a job I found one at a grocery store and I decided to take it,it wasn't much but it was something 2 weeks later I needs a vehicle good thing I still had my bike license so I was able to buy a bike for 20k it was a honda s2000 so it was pretty much a good deal next I decided to take it out for a run when I saw another car accident I just went by nervously and some of you wonder why, because I'm the man who hides behind your seats waiting to strike when you don't see nor hear me and my parents holy shit were they easy to kill all they did was nag,nag,nag here and there so I decided to kill it was all fine till U Drayken found out now I'm ****ing dead cause of him but that doesn't stop me look in your back seat when you decide to go somewhere

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


I know right

B strange

Me too man always making mess up


nice. be safe.




I hate autocorrect