A young couple were driving along a long road. It was late evening and they were wanting to get back home. But unfortunately, the car broke down. The man chose to go on ahead and get help while the woman chose to stay in the car. After saying that he'll be back before she know it, the man left. Twenty five minutes later, the woman decided to have a little nap while she waited for her husband. But she barley closed her eyes when she began to hear something. It was a banging. And it was coming from the roof of the car. It continued for some time then... it stopped. The woman wondered what was the cause of the banging. It was now night time and she couldn't see anything outside. In a short amount of time, the banging started again. Only this time, it was more violent. The woman couldn't stand it anymore. She got out of the car, looked to see what was banging the roof of the car, and screamed. There... on the roof... was a deranged looking mad man. Banging the severed head of her husband on the roof of the car.

Story is told by Gary Matrix 2

Gary Matrix 2

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