There was once this old man who one day, decided to take a shortcut through the graveyard. He was on his way home and was wondering what to have for supper. But as he turned a corner, he noticed something. Sticking out of the ground, was a long leg bone. How it got unearthed was a mystery. The old man looked at it all over. "Hmm," he said "this would make a great soup bone!" He then pulled it out of the ground, tucked it under his arm, and went on his way. When the old man got home, the first thing he did was start making his soup. He put a soup pot on the stove and into it went water, carrots, potatoes, pieces of beef, peas, salt, pepper, and finally the bone. He brought it up to a boil, then brought it back to a simmer. As he was cooking, the old man thought that he heard a faint voice coming from outside his house. It was saying... "please give me back my bone" The old man thought that he had just imagened it and continued with his cooking. But a little while later, the voice came back. Only this time it was louder. "Can I have my bone back please?" The old man was setting up the table and still took no notice. Then the voice came back again. It was begining to sound angry. "Give me back my bone!" The old man got a bowl out of the cupboard and still didn't take any noticed. The voice then came back. And it was so loud and angry that the whole house shook as it roared... "I WANT MY BONE BACK!!" Finally having enough, the old man grabbed the bone, opened a window, and threw it outside. And, in an equally loud and angry voice, he screamed... "TAKE IT!!!" And as he calmed down, the old man thought that he heard footsteps hurrying to where the bone landed and then hurrying off towards the graveyard. Then he closed the window, went over to the stove, and served himself some soup.

Story is told by Gary Matrix

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Thats just nasty. ( in my Cleveland voice) Great story.


What a gross old man

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