I'm stuck in my room and fear begins to loom, I cannot lift my head from my pillow on the bed, I try to forget and instead I regret, The fear makes me ill as it continues to drill, these horrible things continue to sing, as they scream in ear and start up more fear, My stomach does flips I'm biting my lips, I'm pulling my hair because I'm more than just "scared", Invisible blades are at my neck I'm such a nervous wreck, I ask "what if?" My body is stiff, My fingers continue tapping anything could happen, If I leave the bed I could end up dead, Fear finally goes away but it'll be back.. every night and every day.

Story is told by (don't wanna say meh name)


I feel u


This is exactly what having anxiety feels like! Keep up the good work!


this is me every night


sounds just like me..wow..


almost sounds like me. horrifying.

(don't wanna say meh name)

For those who click the "bored" button, you are free to have your opinion and I am fine with that. This isn't a matter of me being upset because someone disliked my story, it's a part of life. However, I might ask how you would feel if you were part of the population who has to deal with this every day? I don't think you would be so "bored" then. Just saying

Gacha Spooky

Wow, good and scary. What I like to see. ?

Hilo Hilo

Wow, great and scary. What I came to see. Keep up the good work. ?


that's good...