Back when I was young my father used to tell me not to go in the cellar,when I get older I decided that it was time to go see what they were hiding. So back when I was like 18 I was exploring the house in my family was gone so it said that it was time to see what was in the cellar and I was not ready for what was behind that door. There were corpse of dead family members who had went in to the cellar without permission. I scream, running upstairs and in my room.I froze in fear and called the cops to report what I had seen but by then my parents arrived and I forget to shut the cellar door so I jumped out of my window and ran as fast as I can go but it was to late. The cops later found out and arrested both of my parents I am now 25.

Story is told by Alex

Gacha Spooky

I mean like, not that scary.