authors note:hey guys comment here if ya wanna talk.i miss the old chat.there will be two stories because they are both short.

So at the top of the hill in my neighborhood theres an old Indian burial ground.the adults always tell us its Taboo to walk on it.well me and mom were walking up the hill(on the road)and we heard something in the burial ground thought it was a wild animal but it sounded big and if it was big we would have seen it.the trees are thin there.

me and my cousin C where riding her Honda on a path beside the woods one afternoon and it was getting dark.when we went past a little break in the brush i swear i saw a little girl with black hair and a white dress on standing there holding a teddy bear.we went back and she was gone.there are no houses behind those woods.a few days later we actually went walking on that path and we found a bench for a little was the type that has a seat that opens.we haven't been back together since but i have with other people and that will be my next story!

Story is told by Black Cat

Black Cat

actually story 2 is just down the road i can get there in 5 mins. and idk many ppl here anymore.


can hardly wait to read the other stories. Thank you.


Wait... so this all happened in the same cemetery?

Black Cat

No wasn't an animal.the trees were very thin there.qnd tall brush was almost non-existent.