A few months ago I went on a vacation somewhere far away from civilization. I wanted a break, and I was given one. One I'll never forget.... I arrived to the cabin I would be staying in for that week and unpacked my bags. Everything was going great;I also felt amazing so I decided to go on a short walk through the woods. that walk was cut short. Infact, it was cut so short that it never happened. I had a gut wrenching feeling that if I left that day, I might not come back. so I headed to bed. But I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. I couldn't wait for the next day because my best friend Kylie was going to be here. I really wish she hadn't came that day.... The next day I woke with only two hours of sleep, so I made a cup of coffee, sat on the porch, and waited for Kylie to get here. Kylie arrived at 9am sharp. I was so happy to see my best friend of ten years after not being able to see her for three months. She had been on a 13 hour car ride and was in need of a bathroom break. That's when it happened..... I heard her blood curdling scream. I ran to her, I ran so fast I felt as if I was flying. There, on the ground sprawled out like roadkill on the ground was my best friend..... Blood gushing out from her stomach. Her eyes staring liflesly at the ceiling. I collapsed, I know now that, that was the worst thing to do in that situation. But I couldn't help myself. I had just lost my best friend. "sshhhhhhhh" A chill went down my spine. I got up slowly then ran to the kitchen, and could only find a screwdriver, and two spoons. I grabbed the screwdriver. I had no idea who was in this cabin but I wasn't going to let them take my life. I felt an hand grab my wrist, it was to late he plunged his knife into my stomach. It was to late for her, she could've ran. But she didn't. Now she's my victim.

Story is told by nobodyknows


what a twist


hmm spoopy I love it