This happened to my English teacher 8 years ago. This what happened to her. She was in the army and was visiting her mom's grave. She was with her 2 sisters and 3 brothers. She was about to leave when she heard someone crying. Like a woman crying. Then, the crying stopped. She thought that was someone in the cemetery crying on their family or relative's grave. She was about leave again. But her siblings want to take a picture of her and her older sister. They took the picture and left. They were about leave until the crying starting to louder and louder. They left some food for the spirits. If you leave food like fruit or candy, they would leave alone and don't follow you back home. When they got the picture back, they were scared for life. In the picture was her and her older sister but in the background was shadowly like ghost and an orb that has handprint of a baby. They showed the picture to their parents and they shocked too. She told everyone that story but no one believed it but I did. My friends were making fun of it but I stopped it. I asked her "what happened after that?" and she said was shocking. "Well, we welcomed them into our lives."

Story is told by scared_2_death