There was a girl named Franny. Franny had everything a girl could probably want in lifetimes. Franny had a mom,dad,and two sisters. Her sisters names were Sereana and Malory. Franny loved to play games on people. She had a picture perfect family....until her mom got cancer. Her mom was her idol. Franny's mom fought for three years she was very weak...on franny's mom died on her 16th b-day. Even though her mom was gone she was still so happy at least that's what people thought. Two years after her mom died her dad got a girlfriend she had a son,Tyler. Franny's dads girlfriend moved in,she was nice but her son wasn't. Her son would make her do his chores,chocked her,hit her, and many other things. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!

Story is told by Boni~


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