I go to my village for 1 month every year. When I was 5, I was at my relatives house. I often slept there but one night when my mom and dad were watching television I crawled outside and saw a small boy outside. He was just standing there staring at me. Then he came towards me and patted me. Then everything went black. When I woke up I was crying uncontrollably and after some time my mom and dad called a priest and he said some prayers and then I stopped crying. After that day I always slept at my house and never went to my auncle's house to this day because of fear. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I'm new here and I'm not a good writer.

Story is told by Devil's Girl


I thought i was nicely done. All of you guys are inspiring me to write again. Thank you all.

julie ann



Don't worry neither was I but look I got good at writing good story