I go to my village for 1 month every year. When I was 5, I was at my relatives house. I often slept there but one night when my mom and dad were watching television I crawled outside and saw a small boy outside. He was just standing there staring at me. Then he came towards me and patted me. Then everything went black. When I woke up I was crying uncontrollably and after some time my mom and dad called a priest and he said some prayers and then I stopped crying. After that day I always slept at my house and never went to my auncle's house to this day because of fear. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I'm new here and I'm not a good writer.

Story is told by Devil's Girl


what you talking you an amazing writer for your first scary story its freaking out and beautiful at the same time keep up the good work??


This is very good! Keep writing, even if you can only write a few minutes a day. And never listen if someone has something mean to say, succeed just to spite them!


I thought i was nicely done. All of you guys are inspiring me to write again. Thank you all.

julie ann



Don't worry neither was I but look I got good at writing good story