Main Characters: Me - a normal adventure seeking guy Larry - An ex marine kurt - a hippie flint - Nerdy introvert guy Pia - Marco's ****y Girlfriend Marco - An Athlete paul - A vlogger "Me and my friends went on a Hiking Trip on Moonlight forest near Flint's hometown . Flint invited us Because he told us that theres a nice spot on the forest where we can camp for the night and theres a spring on the forest where we can relax our asses . While travelling to Flint's town Paul started telling us some silly stories about the forest PAUL:Guys,do you know that theres a legend residing in that forest for centuries ? an ancient feral one . Some hunters tried to catch the beast but no one succeeded and some of those who are lucky enough to escape the beast they lived to tell the tale . MARCO: yeah yeah probably another internet hoax ey paul ?? KURT:Once an asshole will always be an asshole dont mind him paul . so paul is it a unicorn or what ? LARRY : Cut it out , we're here ME: So flint lets see whats with this forest you are talking about FLINT: Ill promise you this is gonna be a blast . ive been wandering in the forest since i was a kid ! PIA: Ugh just be ****ing dead sure or im gonna kill you "so me and the squad parked our van near the forest entrance We bring our gears and stuff . everyone's hyped about the forest Paul is so loud with his vlogging Pia and marco is clingy as usual and kurt with his sacred bong and Larry taking pictures some of the ferns in the forest Flint looks like he's overthinking something or somethings bothering him . Meanwhile on the trail we met some hunters and a deer with a leash on its neck . im so curious that i approached them asking them nicely what are they hunting " ME:G'day gentlemen looks like youre hunting something eh ? NATE(Hunter): Mind your own bussiness mate , This beast will be no longer alive when we skin it . LARRY: do you know that hunting bears are illegal ? NATE: Im aware except its not a bear nor a normal animal . its a legend mate itll kill you in an instant tearing you into pieces . When the moon is full itll be your demise that hairy bastard will come for you LARRY: well have fun hunting that thing gentleman well be on our way before darkness covers this lands NATE:Be careful people PIA: Is he talking about a werewolf ? **** that guy for creeping me out ugh ! FLINT:Bollocks ! theres no such thing . probably a made up story that made the hunters paranoid with that werewolf thing . i wander these woods since i was a kid remember ? welp theres no big baddie wolfy and im still in one piece hahaha ! PAUL : but theres that incident in here that some hikers went missing . what if the werewolf got em ? what if its true ? PIA: Now youre creeping me out you asshole ! promise me marco that youll protect me no matter what ! MARCO: its a hoax pia . paul spends to much time in the internet than the real world ME: Guys lets go we dont want the werewolf coming for our asses when it gets dark "So Hours of hiking we finally reached our Spot . Flint was right its a nice cozy spot . everybody's helping each other to set our camp except pia looking like a princess . shes such a **** why marco bring her with us ? a ****ing dead weight . Everybody's sitting circle at the bonfire drinking liquors telling some memories and teasing each other and i decided to take a walk . i just wanna feel the forest a little bit " "meanwhile at the camp" PIA: How about we have some serious fun marco ? shall we go to the tent ? MARCO:finally . the moment ive been waiting for LARRY: These hornballs hahaha FLINT :i forgot something in the van and off to get it . i need it LARRY: itll take you hours to reach the van flint just get it tomorrow when we go home okay ? FLINT:Its my medication Larry i seriously need it . LARRY: Okay ill come with you FLINT: No ! They need you here . what if the hunters came here and destroyed the mood ? LARRY: Okay well Kurt go with Flint he ne... FLINT :Seriously larry . i can take care of myself i know these woods . LARRY : be sure , take my kukri if something big and furry comes for your ass FLINT: hahaha pfft child stories . well im off KURT: Be careful buddy dont let the nymphs fool you ! LARRY: shhh ! Paul is asleep "So flint decided to go for his medication . poor guy left his medication . meanwhile when i was wandering the forest a little bit i saw an abandoned cabin i decided to take a look inside and i saw some mysterious drawings in the wall . a large wolf with some unknown signs . i realized that im stepping on a trap door when i opened it . i was in serious fear . a pile of human bones and some mysterious animal scratches on the wall . im starting to think that werewolves are true i ran back to the camp as fast as i can to tell them what i saw . when i reached the camp gasping for air larry told me what happened " LARRY:Jesus what happened ? are you okay ? ME: We gotta live larry i think its not safe here LARRY: dont worry about them hunters you got me . ME:Its not about them larry . i think that thing is true KURT:What ? the werewolf ? LARRY: Ha ! did you take a hit with kurt's bong ? hahaha ME: Larry i saw human bones on that cabin !! you think im high ? well see it for yourself ! "Suddenly , We hear a screams and gunshots nearby . im starting to think that something not right going on . Larry was alarmed he grabbed his Pistol preparing for whats gonna happen Pia and marco came out from the tent asking whats going on and paul is waked by the gunshots " ME:wait wheres Flint ? LARRY: Shit hes off to the van to take his medication! ME:Oh no i wish hes allright "While larry is checking if his gun is loaded we heard some noises in the woods " LARRY:guys , if its a Life threatening thing you should all run for your lives "But wait its just blood stained nate the hunter " NATE: Its that ****ing beast ! it killed all of my men including my brother ! im gonna kill that stupid son of a **** ! im gonna send it back to hell ! "We're all shocked of what we've heard and im starting to think that im gonna die in here . Marco and pia is arguing that they should run to the van or call for help but theres no signal . Paul is recording everything kurt and larry is very worried about flint and im also worried about him . suddenly we Heard a loud howl from the distance " PIA: guys !what the **** we should run for our lives if that thing comes here ! we're all dead ! NATE: Its Too risky Woman ! that thing is still roaming in the woods !we dont know where ! PIA:Well **** it im outta here ! MARCO:Pia !! LARRY: Pia youre gonna get yourself killed ! "the scared pia ran off the camp risking her life and Me the squad ran off too to chase her off . suddenly while in the middle of the forest the squad stopped because they saw something " PIA:Is that a ****ing arm ??! LARRY: Stay close and be cautious NATE: I hear something Dont move a muscle or youll gonna d.... "Nate didnt finish his sentence because the beast pounced at him dragging him to a log with a sharp broken branch and impaling him . we're all in shocked . we ran as fast as we could knowing its still tailing us while minutes of running pia stepped on a bear trap screaming in pain . laid by the hunters obviously for the beast ." MARCO: **** !! Paul quit your recording help me with her ! PIA:please get it off !!it hurts ! "While they're having a hard time with the bear trap i stand guard for the meantime . i heard silent growls in the dark ." ME:guys .... "I held my flashlight and pointed it into the darkness" PIA:Its the ****ing werewolf !! hurry!! "The werewolf comes out in the dark revealing his appearance. sharp blood stained claws large canine teeths thick black fur and Fiery Eyes . it rushes to pia tearing her head off with just one swing with its claws marco screams angrily snatching the pistol in larrys hand shooting at the beast but it didnt do much damage . the wolf grabbed Marco by the neck and then it throws him in a large tree breaking marcos neck and spine . me Larry kurt and paul run for our lives . minutes later knowing without flint we're lost in the forest . but we see someone in the dark coming straight for us . we thought its the end of our lives . but its just flint ! grabbing us and telling us to run ." *while on the run ME: Man im so glad youre allright ! i thought you were dead ! FLINT:Me too ! im so sorry for leaving you all behind i really need my medication LARRY : Marco and pia are dead Flint ! i thought this forest is a safe place for us ! FLINT: .. im sorry i thought it was too . KURT:I dont remember this way earlier PAUL:Flint !is this the way to the trail ?! FLINT: Yes ! shut your mouth and follow me its a shortcut ! "Flint's presence gives me hope knowing where gonna leave this hell soon . While on the way Larry realize something ." LARRY:Flint are you wounded ? youre bleeding FLINT: Im fine larry KURT:Dude youre bleeding too much did the werewolf got you ? FLINT: No ! no .. i tripped into something earlier that i got my arms wounded "and then i realized something" ME:Its the Cabin !?? Flint whats going on ?! PAUL:Flint ! is that a bullethole in your torso ?! KURT: Its not his blood on his arms . ME: Your that thing ! youre the werewolf ! FLINT: .... LARRY: You killed Marco and Pia Flint ! they were your friends ! FLINT: Theyre both assholes larry i had to get rid of them ME: Ive known you for so long ! i treated you as my brother flint ! PAUL: Thats you in the earlier incident Flint ! You even killed those children flint ! theyre not missing you ****ing killed them ! youre a monster ! "Flints roars at paul with his deep voice" FLINT: im not a monster paul ! Humans are ! In the early century my pack was burned alived ! tortured ! without mercy ! we didnt even do anything we just lived like a normal family we didnt even kill a single human ! and now im the last of my pack LARRY : You slaughtered A bunch of hunters Killed your friends killed some children hows that not a monster ! FLINT: Its my way of revenge to your kind . killing humans . it feels good by the way . and also the hunger .. i cannot resist it besides i need to survive right ? we all do . ME: Flint .. please stop this . stop killing innocent people FLINT: They all need to suffer the same fate i did but worse . even those who are innocent . enough of this lets get to the real deal "Flint said it with a smirk on his face . bones cracking fur coming out of his skin . claws,fangs and his fiery wolvish eyes . When flint is done shapeshifting he went straight for paul Ripping his throat killing him and next he killed kurt by tearing his torso apart . he looks at larry and went straight for his face tearing limbs and guts . meanwhile i stand still pissing on my pants because of fear . the beast slowly comes for me knocking me on the ground " ME:you dont have to this flint please .. FLINT (with his beastly voice): No i dont you're gonna inherit my power ... we're gonna live side by side and youll gonna step on my path as brothers "Flint leave a nasty bite on my Neck passing out on the process because of the unbearable pain knowing im gonna be the same state as him when im gonna wake up . The world can be cruel and you cant do anything but accept the fate that has given to you even if you like it or not . now im too a werewolf .." -END

Story is told by Zzz