Me and my best friend were in her house watching tv and eating popcorn while her mom asked us to go on walk with dog.So we went and because my BF house was not far away we decide to go there.We were almost there but we sees the old house and i asked if anyone lives there."Well there was old woman with her cats but then she died because of her age." she said."And her cats still lives there?."I asked." Well there are stories that there is still her husband and the cats brings him food."Then we were going back i thought."It will be super cool to look in that house"so when we went back we grab flashlight and a Fake pistol(be cats we were a little scared)and small camera.the house weren't big so we go trought a small door to the cote(and least i think)We tried to go to the garden but the door was locked on a pin so I tried to get it out and because i put my hend there i could feel the cobwebs and a spider.When we were onthe garden there was so mess on the ground so i scratched my leg.We first look into the skewer.Then we were about to go to tje house when we heard a radio it was on i thought it was cat but my friend were foing back so we were runing to the bf house and we asked him if he wants too to look at the house and bff's older sister she was a 4 years older than us so we go back but only me and my boyfriend we went to the hall and heard the radio after a while a black cat was on n the hall too then she run away i turned on my flashlight bit it was broken so my boyfriend Turned on flashlight on his phone then we hear a STEPS a slow steps coming to us we run to the garage and i eas trying to go thro the little door i am sure that my boyfriend will look at my butt but i don' t care when we were runing to bbf' house we were sure that.....We will NEVER do that again.

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Nice. do you have more stories?

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Sorry for bad gramatic i am from another country