Beetle juice: say my name just three times and welcome to a living hell if you'd rather turn and run then do so now I won't tell Burtons best,the recently deceased had better watch their step is professor here alive or dead I'll give this guy a gruesome death Aka the ghost with the most Netherworld with the flow spittin heat to roast crows I'm in another realm I'll have this battle won in no time it's lights out for you but for me its just showtime Scare Crow: professor of psychology I'll offer my apology I've seen inside your mind and all I find is more hypocrisy the ghost with the most well the least is more fitting playing nice with your host well my crows are more chilling Scare Crow positively terrifying when I fight enhancing toxins will Scare you back to your former life Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice will regret he ever came here Beetle juice: whoa you be a scary dude but if I wasn't rude and crude but crow I've seen the other side you make me wanna hit the snooze shape shift around this sad sack with my hands tied we're witnessing a funeral the day that all you're fans died Scare Crow: Jonathan Crane,am I insane or the only rational creature in this battle cause Beetle **** here is laughable Get a taste of fear gas Cower at my dark birds The Deetzes deafeted your weak ass with one word Beetlejuice: I'm sherlock I cracked the case this guys elementary I'll kick his lanky ass back to Gotham state Penitentiary Scare Crow: Say hello to ScareBeast Killer in the injustice gang hallucinogen battle with me and you'll never be the same

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ

Slendys actual daughter (actually real)

Beatle juice. Is this a rap battle?






beetle juice won


Who do you think won