he story is that a small girl go to visit her uncle and aunt in Japan she was playing and then she entered her room she found an old book she opened she found picture of a dead children and then she turn the other page and saw her face with a huge creepy monster face to face and in the top of page it was written okumuru coming for you then she cried and called her uncle her uncle came and saw the picture and said (Jesus Christ and told his wife (aunt) then the two cried and her aunt said sadly(when you sleep and hear or feel something weird don't check and close your eyes when you feel safe) the girl nodded. then she slept and hear something weird she closed her eyes and then she felt the creature was gone she opened her eyes and then saw a huge monster he has a huge black and red eyes and black skin with spikes in his back. the monster ate her . her aunt came and saw her dead on the floor with an opened stomach the uncle came and said the monster name the monster came and eat the uncle. the aunt managed to escape and told the police. the police inspected all the house and found a sentence written in blood was written you next sarah (aunt)

Story is told by eye less tod


I don't get it

ghost cat

good story but I can barely understand what you're saying!

Gacha Spooky

I've heard about this via Gachaverse videos. I thought it was boring because of that. You also need grammer lessons.

Black Cat

yee never heard this before.where did u get it?


you not good at English but story is good