They say if you make a wish and drop money in a wishing well your wish may come true. Did they tell u what would happen if you stole money from a wishing well? I was broke and had just lost my job. I figured what could it hurt right? I came with a big bucket in the middle of the night and scooped as much change as I could. Easy as 1 2 3.    The next day I woke up and was counting my change. When I looked outside they were repoing my car. My girl glared out the window and said I always wished you would get rid of that car and now it's gone. That wasnt the worst. After her comment we got in a huge fight. She looked me dead in my eyes and said I hate you. I wish you had died in that car crash instead of Josh our 3 year old son. It hurt me. I wished I could see him again. It felt like someone hit me with a boulder. Everything turns black. When I open my eyes I can't believe what I see. Josh and Nicky are sitting on the floor playing together. Maybe it was all a dream.  The crash the car repo everything. I race to give my lil guy a hug and my arms go straight through him! No way! Nicky made the wish and now I'm dead and Josh is alive. All her wishes came true from the moment I robbed the wishing well. Be careful what u wish for. The well is waiting....  

Story is told by Ms. Peaches1984


She was horrible. nice story.

Gacha Spooky

The girl was so mean!