Please check out the devils deed part 1 and the evil deed part 2 The evil deed part 3 I didnt wanna do it but he made me. Told me my 1st deed would end with glass the same way I took my life. Staring at the broken glass everywhere I could still hear there screams piercing my ears. The blood on my hands not my blood and I am unable to feel. I am void of any emotion. 2 hours ago Ladies and gentlemen this is called the hysteria room. Enter at your own risk. People have been known to hallucinate. One lady even swears she saw her dead husband. One woman gasped. If you can stay in the hysteria room a whole night we will reward you $10000. No one has ever won. They all quit within 3 hours. It has been designed to feed off your fears and pains. "This is going to be easy. I fear nothing!" I blurted out. There was 5 other players who looked ready to lose. He dimmed out the lights and the game began. People were already panicking. One lady kept pointing at the mirror. I eased closer to see what she was looking at. Come closer Eric. I felt my body moving without any direction from me. You are the chosen one. You want money Eric you are about to lose your house yet you show no fear. These 5 people are standing in the way of your dream to be back on track. I need you to kill them all. Kill them all I repeated. I began to punch the glass mirrors. Each punch more harsh and vicious sending glass flying everywhere. I can hear the people behind me screaming stop it! Stop it your cutting us with the glass but I couldn't stop. My arms began to swing the pieces of glassĀ  and they hit the targets like boomerangs. Omg my neck one man yelled. Awww they screamed in horror smearing each other's blood trying to escape me. The man in the mirror stood there nodding eyes growing redder and redder as the scene unfolded. My flesh turned cold then began to burn as the glass pierced my skull. Who are you? Why did you make me do this? I read your mind. Didnt you wish you could get rid of them so u could win? I just gave you a little push to do what u was thinking in your mind. And who am I? The devils advocate!

Story is told by Ms. Peaches1984


Good one.