Please read the devils deeds part 1 by Ms. Peaches1984 The devils deeds: Part 2 The broken glass I sat in bed staring at my cut wrists. The doctors had me on major suicide watch. This was my 3rd failed attempt and I knew I inched closer to the edge each time. Last night I saw a form of the devil. He came to my room. He didnt have horns or red pointed ears but I knew he was evil. He may have looked human but when he spoke I could feel the evil in the air. Are you ready to end your suffering? Come with me and I can make you ruler of man. Who are you? An advocate for the ruler of darkness!  My bed began to shake. My mirror fell and cracked in pieces and and a piece landed beside me. Yes cut cut cut you fat lazy slob. You worthless piece of trash. Alicia doesnt want you. Your a loser! No job will ever hire you.  He chanted as I began to cut at my wrist and suddenly things went black.      I woke in the hospital room my arms bound to the bed. As I stared out the window I saw him again. His black eyes glared at me. My arms began to tingle. I hadn't even noticed the nurse loosening my restraints. Without warning I knocked her over and ran head first through the five story window. When I hit the bottom he stood over me saying father my first deed is done and that's when I knew without a doubt who he was.

Story is told by Ms. Peaches1984