hi I am fu one time I was visiting my grandparents in japan in a old village I like playing in the garden behind the house then I heard something weird it was like. p.o. p.o. I looked I found a woman 8 feet tall when I saw her eyes my heart froze then I ran to my grandparent and told them about what happened they looked at each other in fear them he told me what I saw was a demon kidnapping kids when someone look at her eyes his faith I s death. they called a wise old man he said not to get out of my room until 7pm even when I hear a weird sound.then I slept then I woke up I heard a sound like p.o. p.o. I was shocked in fear even I couldn't move then I heard my grandpa calling me then I look out of the door I saw nobody then a black hand touched me.then I screamed the the wise man told me in anger ' I told you not to open the door, then my grandpa called my parents and then my grandpa told them everything then my parents arrived next morning and took me to the car then I arrived at Tokyo then I slept then I heard the p.o. p.o. sound again this time I saw her face directly she had white face and red eyes she killed me in my dream.

Story is told by eye less tod

ghost cat

good story but it needs better grammar

Katie bunny

not enough blood and death

Gacha Spooky

I have heard of this Japanese legend via Gachaverse videos. Plus, the name is Hachishakusama, the 8 feet tall woman. She is not 'Slenderwoman'

Black Cat

Hachisakusama story has been posted before




worst post.

eye less tod

:-)the best