It's been 500 years since the box was locked away. It is now 1887, this is where the story continues. One day, there was a brother and a sister, they were running around the neighborhood causing trouble. They threw eggs on houses, broke windows and even dented some of the neighbors cars. So one day, as a punishment their mother forced them to sleep in the woods for a night. They were both scared, they decide to dig a hole and hide there. After digging the hole, they find the box and decide to look inside of it. The sister takes the doll, and the brother takes the locket. The next day, the mother comes to get them. They grab the box and go back home. But then, strange things start happening. The rooms get colder, the water pipe gets clogged, and they wake up with bumps all over them. So they burn the box and hope everything is finally over.

Story is told by ?Paranormal Screamer✨

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Why the woods like that's not smart

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S L. K

i don't think they had cars in →1885← lol?? ha-ha-ha

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