Hey guys!! it's maskedkiller I'm on alt account so enjoy!! One day 12 year old Luke Thompson is at school and he sees the school paper the front page reads, TWO BOYS ADAM,AND,JIM MISSING. so Luke got nervous but shrugged it off. He went to his math class and saw his crush Jenna Hawkins so he said "Hey Jenna whats up?" she replied "not much Luke." Luke smiled and sat down he threw a not to her at the end of class and it read "wanna come to my house after school tonight?" She smiled. Later that night the were sitting on the couch watching Saw and they heard a noise and Luke said "I'll go check it out" he got up and went to the front door and looked out and screamed and Jenna said "What is it!!" Luke replied "he's not a person he's not a person he's not a person!!!!" Jenna yelled back "What the heck do you mean not a person!!!" he grabbed her and pulled her down to the basement and he closed the door and they hid behind something and Luke was breathing heavily and then the thing came downstairs and threw a box and Luke terrified said "What are you?!" the thing replied "I am the night-night man." in a deep raspy voice. he looked like a man but he was taller and had huge 1 foot long claws and tentacles on his back. he wore a hooded cloak and boots. Jenna and Luke were never seen again.

Story is told by night_night man