Once upon a time there was a girl named carrie who was 6 years old,soon to be seven. Her birthday was coming up in a week and she was very excited for it. However, she soon fell ill, and she started to vomit rapidly. No one knew what the illness was or how she got the illness. Her mother was worried about her, and she soon found out that her daughter would die on her birthday. When her mother found out about this, she got her a box and filled it with valuable items. Inside the box there was: A locket with a picture of them together, a doll a rose flower and a letter. The mother gave the box to carrie. Carrie read the letter, the letter said: "This gift is a gift I hope you will remember even after death. Because this is the last gift I will ever be able to give you. Love, ~Mom" Carrie began to cry. She hugged her mother and told her that she loved her. Carrie died an hour after that. The next day, Her mother and the townspeople buried Carrie in her backyard. Her mother kept the box as a memory of her. But soon, she couldn't bare to look at it anymore and sold it to a man for his daughter. One week before his daughters birthday, the man died from the same illness Carrie had. The mans daughter, Aliza buried the box in a forest, where it would stay for 500 years. Part 2 coming soon

Story is told by ?Paranormal Screamer✨

Cloud The Skywing

Tracy Anne, duh. Its cursed with the spirits if Carrie and Aliza's father. (Or soul, if you wanna call it)

Tracy Anne

Cursed objects!?

Smokey and the bandit

Souls My

Pris gacha

Love it part 2


That not scary it's just sad and it was a nice story tho


I really don't get it .-.

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hOney, i don't get it ???

Minecraft dragon


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I like it

the master of doom

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