once there was a man who was looking for a job. This man was name Mathew and Mathew found a job and say. Mathew:YESSS So Mathew was heading to his job and someone near the place said. ??? :DON'T GO IN!!! Then the man ran off. Mathew didn't listen went in with some fright. Mathew was having concerns about the place. Mathew jump but he realized it was just the phone. And the voice sounds familiar to Mathew and said. phone:Hello Hello this use to be my office.And I just want to tell you that....... Then the phone turned of Mathew was crying and said. Mathew: why didn't I listen to that mystery person. But then IT HIT 1:00am and Mathew thought his life was ove. There was laughing and music Mathew was cring. He watched the camera and saw four robots and he was related. BUT the camera turned of and on an two was gone . Mathew was hiding and trying to call for help and herd hahaha in deep voice and hang up. It was 4:am Mathew was happy and then that's when his heart was pounding fast. Mathew was crying he saw one of the robots. He closed all his doors but he lost power at 5:59am then a robot jump out but it hit 6:00am. Mathew left but he was thinking Mathew:who was that guy???

Story is told by the master of doom


its like fnaf five night at Freddy :-\


You peaked my interest. ^^ Continue please :3

the master of doom

I will make a part two if this gets 13 likes