Before i go on with the story, this IS NOT A SCHOOL SHOOTING STORY. Alright, so everything started out a normal boring school day. I was in 1st grade at the time. Everything went like normal, we went over science, then math lunch outside and then social studies. But in the middle of the lesson, the principle came over the intercom and said: "This is a Lockdown this is NOT a drill." Our teacher turned off the lights locked the door shut the blinds and told us to get under our desks, so we did. A few minutes after the Announcement the teacher looked outside to see what had happened. She didn't tell us during the lockdown. About an hour later the lockdown finally ended and it was time to leave. The teacher said that the lockdown happened because of a robbery that had happened near the school. She said that there were police all around the building, I still wonder what would have happened if the police weren't standing around the building.

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