Bloody Mary is a urban legend about a ghost that haunts mirrors. Her origins varys from version to version. But the most common one is that Mary was once an ugly girl. And that her parents got rid of every single mirror in the house, so that she can't see her reflection. But they forgot about the one in the wardrobe. And one day Mary opened the wardrobe to look for something. And then she noticed the mirror. And saw her face. She screamed, smashed the mirror, and died of fright. Her ghost now haunts the mirror world. And many a brave soul would try and summon her. And this is how you do it. You need to be standing in front of a mirror (a bathroom mirror is often the most used) around night. The only light you'll need is from several lit candles. And then you chant "Bloody Mary" a number of times (this varys from version to version). If you are lucky, her reflection will slowly appear in the mirror. But there is a danger that she might leep out of the mirror and drag you back with her. But all you need to do is to turn on the lights. And her ghost will disappear back into the mirror world.

Story is told by Gary Matrix

Soul Taker

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.........well...1 years ago,i try that and...she almost got me....luckly,brother turn the lights not gonna do that again

My story of bloody Mary

Actually the story i got told was set up in a big building called Borwick Hall and my whole class went to stay there for a week as and end of the year class trip. There was a legend there that a young girl called bloody Mary (or the white lady if you didn't want to say bloody) that got forced to be married at a yoing age. As she was getting ready for her wedding in the room at the top of the building, she decided that she really did not want to get married so she jumped out of the window and died because it was so high up. But the scariest thing is that me and some of my friends stayed in that same room where she had jumped out of and we all had chills that something was watching us!

Scary Clown Girl



sorry I don't do that because I don't believe in calling someone else back from the dead


love story

Gary Matrix

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i love it